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Rent to Own Homeownership Program

Homeownership is Easier Than You Think

You are only 3 Steps Away from Owning a Home

Step 1 - Apply Online

Receive live updates on your Rent-To-Own progress, while getting access to a team of industry professionals who specialize in Rent-to-Own mortgages, all included in your all-in-one dashboard.

Step 2 - Rent

Rent is just a term. In our program, you are considered the owner the day you move in. Your monthly payment will help build up your down payment, while boosting your credit score.

Step 3 - Own Your Home

Once you have enough down payment built up as well as good credit from consistent monthly rent payments, you can qualify to take over the home as a legal owner.

Become a Member of the
RTOC Homeownership Program

No matter what your financial situation is, we have a solution that can help you become a homeowner. Some of our clients already qualify for a mortgage but are being denied at the bank.

Mortgage Qualification Process

We understand that the home purchasing process can be complicated. That’s why we simplified the RTOC Homeownership Program to help clients achieve homeownership, regardless of their financial situation.

We have partnered up with the best investors, mortgage brokers, and realtors to provide an all-in-one solution to homeownership. This team of professional allows you to bypass requirements that are generally needed by traditional lenders.

Rest assured once you have unlocked your account, you will be matched with a mortgage specialist who will provide you with a personalized homeownership plan.

Rent-to-Own Mortgage vs Traditional Financing

Our program is specifically designed to assist Canadians experiencing difficulty in obtaining conventional financing.


Time consuming by spending hours going from bank to bank

Hard inquiry affects your credit score

High rates for mortgage financing/refinancing

Penalties may be higher

Rejections at the bank


Personalized Homeownership Plans

Assessment to help you identify where you are in the mortgage approval journey

Regardless if you are a homeowner, qualify for a mortage, or just starting your journey, the RTOC membership is the solution for you.

Mortgage and rent-to-own education, and live seminars

Connecting you to investors, mortgage brokers, and private lenders to help increase your chances of mortgage financing