Rent To Own Homes in Nova Scotia

The Best Way To Find Rent To Own Homes in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Rent to own a home in Nova Scotia if you’re all about an ocean lifestyle. This province has a mix of rural landscapes and the big city. Plus, it has some of the most affordable living costs in Canada. This means that homeownership is within reach for almost every budget.


How is life in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia is a place of professional growth. It has a variety of networking resources that bring job opportunities to everyone who makes this province their home. Food, services and transportation are cost-effective as well.

No matter where you are, the ocean is not more than half an hour drive away from you. This means that you will be able to enjoy fresh seafood and multiple water sports during the summer.

Here are our top five cities and towns to rent to own homes in Nova Scotia:

  1. Halifax

Halifax is the capital city of Nova Scotia. Incomes here are higher than the national average. Some of the coolest areas in the city are The North End, Downtown, The Hydrostone, and Downtown Dartmouth.

  1. Truro

Truro is a town that is also known as “The Hub of Nova Scotia”. It’s pretty close to Halifax and has lots of parks and trails to explore.

  1. Lunenburg

The town of Lunenburg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s also known for its marine and industrial business.

  1. Cape Breton

Cape Breton is disconnected from mainland Canada. This island has a gorgeous coastline and it’s known for migratory whales.

  1. Baddeck (Village in Cape Breton)

If you’re looking for a quiet location with a small number of residents, Baddeck is the place for you. This village has less than 1500 inhabitants and it’s the perfect place to disconnect from this hectic world.


Weather in Nova Scotia

The climate in Nova Scotia is very mild. It’s rare for the province to experience extreme weather. The proximity to the sea is a major influence in the climate, so there can be a drastic change from one day to the next.

Nova Scotia gets hit with occasional tropical storms and hurricanes during late summer and autumn. Tropical storms are usually very weak once they reach the province.

Summer is Nova Scotia’s residents favourite season. Everyone anticipates the warmer days where they can soak in the sun and enjoy the sea.


What to do in Nova Scotia

There are plenty of activities to do in Nova Scotia throughout the seasons. You can enjoy water sports during the summer and skiing and ice-skating in the colder months. Also, there are theatre and music festivals all year long.

Here are some things you can do in Nova Scotia:


If you enjoy great seafood, diverse culture and short commutes, rent to own a home in Nova Scotia!