Rent To Own Homes in Edmonton

Why choose Rent To Own Homes in Edmonton?

Edmonton Alberta

Some call it “The Festival City” and some “The Oil Capital”, but everyone agrees that living in Edmonton, AB equals a great quality of life. If you’re looking to rent to own homes in Edmonton, prepare for family-oriented neighbourhoods and friendly residents.


How is life in Edmonton?

The population of Edmonton, the capital city of Alberta, is growing rapidly. This means that more communities, neighbourhoods, and homes are being developed constantly. This city has the most affordable housing market in all Canada, so it’s an ideal place to rent to own a home in. From a spacious home in Glenora to a modern condo in Downtown, there is something in Edmonton for everyone. If you are unsure about what area of Edmonton you want to live in, there are a few resources for you. The city of Edmonton provides information on their website about different neighbourhoods that you can look into. If you worry about the safety of these areas, Edmonton Police Service has statistics online about each community’s safety levels.


The city’s transportation network is called Edmonton Transit System (ETS) and it consists in buses and LRT. Thanks to it you can travel throughout the Northeast, Downtown, Government Centre, University and South areas with ease.

We prefer driving in Edmonton, especially because it has the lowest gas prices in Canada. There is less traffic here than in Calgary, but some drivers say that it might be confusing to figure out how the streets work. The roads form a grid system and are divided into three quadrants: North West, South West, and North East. If you have a cool head and your GPS is working, you should be able to figure Edmonton streets out in no time.


Weather in Edmonton

 Edmonton has a climate that is mostly on the dry side. It is one of the brightest cities in Canada, receiving around 2,300 hours of sunshine a year. It also has one of the coldest winters in the country with temperatures that fall bellow −30 °C on the chilliest days.

In the daytime, summers are hot and humid. Thankfully the temperature drops at night, so you get to sleep comfortably. Most of the precipitation comes during this season.


What to do in Edmonton

There’s so much to do in the capital of Alberta. It has the largest shopping mall in North America and it was classified as the 8th most liveable location in Canada due to its economy, real estate and attractions. Edmonton has 460 parks, 21 public libraries, and 20 recreation centres.

Here are a few fun activities for you:


With cheap housing, low unemployment rates and even lower fuel prices, you will be getting a great deal if you rent to own a home in Edmonton.