Rent To Own Homes in Ottawa

The Best Way To Find Rent To Own Homes in Ottawa


If you desire a great quality of life and appreciate strolling through clean streets, you should definitely rent to own a home in Ottawa. It is Canada’s capital city and its housing market is fairly priced relative to the residents’ incomes.


How is life in Ottawa?

 Ottawa is the political and technological centre of Canada. It has been ranked with the second highest quality of living in America, and it’s the 14th highest in the world. With high quality comes cleanliness, and this city thrives in this category. Ottawa was ranked as the second cleanest city in the country, and it’s the third cleanest city worldwide.

Ottawa is very family-oriented. The city is working constantly to ensure that they have good schools, universities, and community recreation facilities. It’s important to note that you’ll always feel safe here thanks to the low crime rates compared to other areas in the country.

Housing prices are more reasonable than Toronto and Vancouver, so you will be able to find a property that fits all of your needs and (most importantly!) your budget. Residents say that they would like to live close to the ByWard Market and have a nice view of the Parliament buildings. Although Ottawa is pretty safe, we wouldn’t recommend that you walk alone at night in areas like Vanier.

So how does one move around Ottawa? You can drive, ride a bike or hop on the bus. OC Transpo is a large bus service that runs throughout the entire city. Ottawans use it to go to school, work, and to get anywhere in the downtown area. Residents consider that driving in Ottawa is pretty easy. If the roads are clear, you can go from one side of the city to the other in less than an hour. Ottawa is bike friendly. Many of the main roads have specific bike lanes that allow you to have a traffic-free commute. If you do bike, just make sure that there’s no snow that day!


Weather in Ottawa

When it comes to the weather in this city, you have two options. You can either deal with it or embrace it. The cold days begin in November, then you get snowfalls from December to March. This usually lasts until April but it may extend until May.

Spring is short and you get some rain showers here and there.

When you rent to own in Ottawa, prepare for hot summers. Humidity also rises during this season, so make sure you stay cool and hydrated.

Autumn is every photographer’s and nature lover’s dream. You get gorgeous falling leaves scenes in the whole city and the weather is still mild enough for you to go out and enjoy them.

Due to the weather, it’s better to drive in this city. Don’t get us wrong, OC Transpo is great, but it’s a struggle to stand outside waiting for your ride during the winter when the temperature is -40C. This is especially hard if the bus is late.


What to do in Ottawa?

Ottawa is known for its impressive architecture. Some of Canada’s oldest and most beautiful buildings are located here.

The city offers a quick access to the outdoors. You can find lots of activities to do, like hiking, skiing, hockey, and fishing, among others. In winter, the Rideau Canal becomes the largest ice-skating rink. Ottawa is also close to Quebec if you’re up for a trip. Here’s a few other things that you can do:


With low crime rates, high incomes and plenty of nice neighbourhoods to choose from, it is a great idea to rent to own a homes in Ottawa.