Rent To Own Homes in Muskoka Ontario

Why Choose Rent To Own Homes in Muskoka Ontario?

Muskoka Ontario

If you enjoy a quiet and peaceful lake life, Muskoka is the perfect location to rent to own a home.

The district of Muskoka is one of Ontario’s gems. It’s two hours away from Toronto and its 1600 lakes make it a well-liked place to visit during the summer.


Life in Muskoka

For the longest time, Muskoka has been seen as an area for a weekend getaway or a place to retire. Nowadays, people are ditching the busy, big city life to live in Muskoka all year long.

It has around 60,000 permanent residents. And this number always increases during the hotter months when families, friends, and tourists from all over Canada visit their cottages for the weekend.

The district of Muskoka even has its own airport. This means that you don’t have to go through the hassle of driving all the way to Mississauga to catch a flight. Also, if you want to visit Toronto but don’t feel like flying you can book a round trip for less than $300.

If you rent to own a home in Muskoka, you’ll have everything you need here. By becoming a resident you’ll discover small shops and beautiful restaurants. Also, you will have access to well-known hospitals, sport facilities and trendy theatres.

Owning a home in Muskoka is also a profitable business, since you can rent out your place when you’re away or during the holidays.

Escaping the daily grind and living in one of the towns or townships of peaceful Muskoka can become an attainable dream for you. The district has a wide range of affordable housing to choose from. In addition, communities here offer recently renovated or newly built homes that can be customized to suit your lifestyle. It should be noted that they are more spacious than anything that you could find around the neighbouring cities. Lower property taxes are another reason why you should consider Muskoka as your new home. The close proximity to the lake and the fantastic morning views are also a plus!


Where to live in Muskoka?

There are six municipalities in Muskoka. They are the following (organized from most populated to least):

  1. Town of Huntsville
  2. Town of Bracebridge
  3. Town of Gravenhurst
  4. Township of Muskoka Lakes
  5. Township of Lake of Bays
  6. Township of Georgian Bay

All these towns and townships are wonderful places to enjoy a good swim, a boating trip, golf or hiking.


Weather in Muskoka

The residents of Muskoka can agree that the climate is pretty humid all year long.

Summers are warm and damp, so it’s important to stay hydrated during this season. The good thing is that if you want to cool off you can always visit the lake and enjoy some fun water activities. It is said that by 2021 Muskoka will begin having longer, hotter and wetter summers so be prepared!

In autumn, leaves falling and gorgeous fall colours surround the whole area. To get the most visually out of this season, make sure to visit the parks on the last two weeks of September and the first two weeks of October.

Winters can be cold and snowy, but they are not as dry as other areas in Canada. There is no need to hide at home during this season. Muskoka offers plenty of outdoor fun like skating, snowmobiling and cross-country skiing. You can even visit Santa’s Village!


Activities to do in Muskoka

Whether you have lived in Muskoka all your life or you are considering making the change, there is so much for you to do in the district. Here are a few examples:


If you want to rent to own a home in Muskoka, our RTOC program will help you save up for a down payment while renting your new home.