Frequently Asked Questions

Rent to Own is like a lease; you pay monthly rent to live in a home but with our program, a portion of the rent will be put toward the purchase price or down payment. When you have saved a down payment (typically within 2-3 years), you will have the option to purchase the house.

Yes. One of the important parts of this program is to help those with bad credit. We can get you into a home so that you can build your credit score by making consistent, monthly rent payments. After about 2-3 years, your score should be in good standing and you will be able to purchase the home.

It sure is. Our program can help you save up for a down payment while living in a home that you select. A portion of your monthly rent will be credited towards your down payment. Once you reached enough to qualify, you will have the option to take over the home as an owner.

Rent-to-Own allows you to save so that you can take over the home as an owner because while in our program, a portion of the rent will be put toward the purchase price or down payment. When just renting you have nothing at the end of the lease.

Another benefit of Rent-to-Own program, no need for you to move if you decide to buy the house at the end of the agreement. This means less headaches for you and your family. Your family can keep the stable foundation that you have built. Your children can continue to build relationships at their school and in the neighborhood.

Yes you can! With RTOC’s program, you are considered an owner the day you move in. We encourage that you treat your home as if it is your own, as you will have legal ownership eventually.

Need a new floorboard for the living room? Bathroom need new tiles? Backyard needs a garden? No problem. The home is yours, so make improvements as you see fit.

The monthly rent depends on the current mortgage rate and rental market. Each house will also vary based on location. The cost will depend solely on where you want to live.

Yes. If your credit score is in good standing and you have enough for a down payment, you may be qualified to purchase at anytime during the lease period. However, certain homes may require you to live there for the first 12 months before you are granted the option.

Just fill out our 2 minute application form to be pre-approved for a home. Apply in confidence as we do not pull up your credit score. We work with the best licensed realtors to help you find a house regardless of your credit situation.