Rent To Own Homes in Winnipeg

The Best Way To Find Rent To Own Homes in Winnipeg

Winnipeg Manitoba

Despite the cold weather, you should definitely rent to own a home in Winnipeg, Manitoba.


Life in Winnipeg

The city’s economy is thriving. It has been rated as the third fastest growing among Canada’s largest cities. It’s easy to find jobs in manufacturing, finances, agribusiness, information technologies, and others.

With an increase of people wanting to make Winnipeg their forever home, more houses and condos are being built. Most of these new constructions have been in the south area of the city.

House prices in Winnipeg have risen over the past few years, but owning a home here is still cheaper than having a property in Calgary or Vancouver.

Rent prices in Winnipeg are among the lowest in the country. You can find a two-bedroom apartment for less than $1,000.


Where to live in Winnipeg?

With so many options out there, picking a neighbourhood can be a tough thing to do. Here’s a list of a few good areas in Winnipeg where you can rent to own a home.

  1. Downtown

It’s one of the busiest areas in the city. The area has plenty of good restaurants, stores, and museums. You can also find Winnipeg’s City Hall. If you’re all about being social and visiting trendy places, this is the place for you.

  1. Crescentwood

This is a middle-class neighbourhood that has been considered as “Winnipeg’s Best Residential District”.

  1. Elm Park

This neighbourhood is located in the northern section of the city. It is surrounded by greenery and it was originally a park. It’s a popular summer destination for Winnipeg residents.

  1. Corydon Avenue

Also known as Little Italy, this neighbourhood has the best gelato and sushi in the city. This is the perfect area for you if you enjoy a good meal. The sidewalks are filled with interesting cafés and pretty shops.

  1. St. Boniface

If you enjoy sightseeing, you need to live in St. Boniface. Some of the neighbourhood’s landmarks include St. Boniface Cathedral, the Provencher Bridge, Esplanade Riel, among others.

Due to the extreme winter weather, it’s highly recommended to own a car in Winnipeg. If you do want to venture out in the cold, Winnipeg Transit provides the city’s public bus service. It has 84 routes and usually it runs from early morning to midnight.


Winnipeg’s Climate

I’ve heard the phrase “Don’t worry, it’s colder in Winnipeg” multiple times.

Winnipeg is one of the sunniest cities in Canada. Don’t let the clear skies fool you, though. This city has very cold winters that last almost half of the year. Sometimes Winnipeg gets strong winds that make the temperature feel even colder. There is no way to sugar coat this fact. You’ll be cold, but there are plenty of winter activities to do in Winnipeg.

After all that cold, you’ll enjoy a warm and sunny summer with some thunderstorms at night. Winnipeg is known for its high mosquito population during early summer, but with proper prevention you will be able to enjoy the hotter months.


What to do in Winnipeg?

Winnipeg’s amenities include festivals, art galleries, museums, and a relaxing Nordic spa. The city also hosts an event called Folklorama, which is the largest multicultural festival in the world. It includes around 3,000 entertainers in more than 1,500 shows.

Here is a list of other things you can do in the capital of Manitoba:


Don’t let the cold weather scare you. Renting to own a home in Winnipeg has one of the lowest costs in the country, especially when compared to other cities.