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Brampton Ontario

This city has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Canada, so if you want to rent to own a home in Brampton you’re doing the right thing!


Life in Brampton 

Brampton is a suburban Ontario city that is full of diversity, good food and great neighbourhoods. Not only is it a beautiful place, it has easy access to shopping, dining and green spaces. The city’s population and economic development are both growing, but it’s still not as busy as downtown Toronto or Vancouver.

Brampton has become a prime location for corporate head offices, warehouses and factories, so there are a lot of job opportunities around the area. Some of the largest companies in the city include Loblaws, Coca-Cola, Frito Lay, Maple Lodge Farms, and Rogers.

Housing in Brampton is less expensive than Toronto. Brampton’s proximity to the big city, lovely green spaces, cultural diversity and overall safety are some of the reasons why newcomers decide to settle here. The City of Brampton is working constantly to provide affordable housing for its residents. They began a strategy called Housing Brampton to increase the supply of rental and affordable ownership units. The city is pretty open to hearing what the public has to say about this initiative and they hold public consultation events every few weeks.

Brampton Transit provides the city’s public transportation. It also connects Brampton to closer suburbs and the Greater Toronto Area. Brampton Transit connects to other systems like York Region Transit, MiWay and Toronto Transit Commission.

Most residents agree that one of the perks of living in Brampton is how easy it is to get to downtown Toronto. There are Go Trains going to and from Brampton’s station to Toronto Downtown all day and it takes around 30 to 50 minutes from one city to the other.


Climate in Brampton

Unlike other parts of Ontario, Brampton’s weather isn’t prone to having extreme numbers. Both summer and winter temperatures are relatively mild.

January and February are the coldest months. Still, the temperatures rarely go below -5°C. Expect some snowfalls between October and April.

July is the warmest month in Brampton, recording high temperatures of 27°C.

Prepare your rain boots because Brampton is known for its high volumes of precipitation! The area gets plenty of rain all year and even the driest month, February, still receives some showers. The rain falls for 113.2 days per year, and collects up to 681.7 mm of water.


Activities in Brampton

There is so much to do in Brampton! You can discover your next favourite coffee place if you take a stroll around downtown, or you could go on a hiking adventure in the park. Here’s a few things that you can do in the area:


This is a city of opportunities that has innovative plans for the future. If growth, diversity and great food are your priorities, then you should consider renting to own a home in Brampton.