Rent To Own Canada

You Can Be a Homeowner

You’ve struck gold by wanting to rent to own a home in Surrey. It’s is a growing city in British Columbia located south of the Fraser River. Also, it’s close to the Canada – USA border.

Life in Surrey

Some perks of living in Surrey include one of the largest industrial centres, high technology, clean energy, good education and a developing arts sector. A third of the city is designated as farmland, which is used for the production of local food.

This eco-friendly city is also known for its diversity, which will make you learn about other cultures and meet interesting people. Thanks to the cultural variety that exists in Surrey, you don’t need to get on a plane and fly to another country in order to try new, authentic meals.

Where to live in Surrey

Surrey is the second-largest city by population in BC. Also, it’s divided into six town centres or communities:

Whalley/City Centre

Located in North Surrey. It is the town centre with the most population. It has a SkyTrain stop, which links Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and Surrey. This is the commercial centre of the city.


Cloverdale is located in the eastern portion of the city. It was founded initially as a small farm community because of its climate and fertile land. It has a vast number of parks, schools, pools, sports fields, and recreation centres. This is one of the reasons why families prefer this area.


An extension for the Skytrain was approved in Fleetwood and it should be ready by 2025. This area has beautiful gardens that are used for weddings and photoshoots. In addition, this area is ideal for people who commute because it’s close to the Fraser Highway.


Located in the northern part of Surrey, Guildford is the home to one of the largest malls in Canada.


Newton has the most ethnically diverse population. Half of the population is considered a visible minority. As of 2016, the population is 149,040.

South Surrey

This area has the largest concentration of retired residents. Also, it is popular for its recreation facilities and access to natural space and ocean.

One of the benefits of renting to own a home in Surrey is that housing here is a lot more affordable than in Vancouver. A lot of locals that work in Vancouver choose to live in Surrey and commute every day. Furthermore, if you plan on doing this you can drive or take the SkyTrain. This line connects Surrey to Vancouver in less than an hour.

Surrey is growing rapidly. Over the past five years, there has been a significant number of building permits issued in the city. This means that new communities will be built and you’ll have the opportunity to find the home of your dreams.

Weather in Surrey

If you’re not a fan of Alberta’s freezing winters or Ontario’s humid summers, Surrey is the right location for you.  

The average winter temperatures for the city are around 5 degrees. It should be noted that it’s rare to encounter snow, but British Columbia has many rainy days.

What to do in Surrey?

Take a relaxing stroll through Fleetwood Gardens

Visit the Wizard of Wonders Gallery

Enjoy a play at the Beach House Theatre

Learn more about the city’s heritage at the Museum of Surrey

Wander around Guildford Library

Go to a local event like The Lightning Festival or Cloverdale Rodeo

Walk around the Bose Family Corn Maze

Learn about bees and honey by visiting Honeybee Centre

Visit the Urban Safari Rescue Society

Last but not least, if you’re tired of long winters, shovelling snow and icy commutes, consider renting to own in Surrey.