Rent To Own Homes in London Ontario

Renting to own a home in London, Ontario is affordable, especially when compared to other large cities.

Living in London, ON

Prepare to be a part of a strong, vibrant and healthy community if you decide to rent to own a home in London, Ontario. Here’s an example of their neighbourhood building activities:

This innovative program was created by the city of London and it welcomes new people to their neighbourhoods, blocks or buildings. Neighbours can request the kits online, personalize them, and give them to the new residents. This is a great way to spark a conversation and make a new friend.

This program is available for neighbourhood groups that want to have a free public movie viewing in a city park. If you want to organize an event, you need to pick a film and promote the event to the neighbourhood. The city of London provides the equipment (screen, projector, media player and speakers). They also give you a license for a public viewing and set up the equipment for you.

Transit in London has over 217 buses and 2,200 bus stops. Safe, accessible travels are a priority in London. All LTC service routes have been designated to be wheelchair-accessible and operators are trained to provide assistance when necessary.

You Can Own a Home in London without Conventional Financing

Why You Should Rent to Own in London, Ontario

Why Rent to Own?

Our unique Rent-to-Own Program allows you to purchase a home in London today without having to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions! Our program is specifically designed to assist Canadians experiencing difficulty in obtaining conventional financing.

Our program is a very viable option for those that can’t get a mortgage in London today but are willing to work towards getting approved in the near future.

Why London, On?

This mid-sized city is always changing, expanding, and being confused with London, England. Some of its landmarks are even named the same. It’s also home to many start-up companies so there are a lot of business opportunities.

London has all the big city amenities with a small town feel. It’s population is currently less than 500K. Also, if you live here you get a vibrant downtown feel without losing the peace of a quiet neighbourhood. Woodlands and farmlands surround London and it’s also known as “The Forest City”. London values diversity and inclusivity. They want all of the residents to feel welcome and accepted.

The city of London is constantly creating new environmental initiatives like recycling, reducing the phosphorus levels in Lake Erie and improving overall air quality. They do this in order to keep the communities green and thriving.

The city is divided in the following way:

Central London and Downtown
North East London
North West London
South East London
South West London

This city has indoor and outdoor activities for all of its residents and visitors.

What activities can I do in London, ON?

We know life sometimes throw you a bunch of curve balls. It could be a divorce, bankruptcy, consumer proposal, loss of job, work place injury, being new to the country, self-employed or bad/no credit. These challenges shouldn’t hold you back from owning a home with our Rent to Own Program.

Rent To Own Homes in London Ontario

This city has indoor and outdoor activities for all of its residents and visitors. There are numerous landmarks, attractions, multiple cycling trails, and paths to explore all year long. Also, it has a great nightlife, culture, parks and some of the best restaurants in Ontario.

Download the “Heart of London App” on your phone if you feel like taking a tour around London. This app gives you a personal tour around the city, including some interesting storytelling along the way.

Here are some other activities that you can do in London:

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London, Ontario is a very convenient location to rent to own a home in. It has a welcoming culture, close proximity to major cities in the area, and great universities

The house, condo, or duplex of your dreams in London, Ontario is just a few steps away. Get pre-approved in less than five minutes by filling in our free application and begin your Rent to Own process today!