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How do I rent to own a home near me?

The process consists of three steps:

1. Apply

Our free application will take less than two minutes. We ask a few questions to learn more about your current situation and then we get you approved for a rent to own home.

2. Rent

Your monthly rent payment is going to help you build your down payment. Also, it will help you improve your credit score. Thanks to our rent to own program, you are considered the owner from the moment you move in. This means that you can make the necessary improvements to your new home while you rent it.

3. Own

You will qualify to take over the home as a legal owner when you have enough down payment build-up and your credit improves. Unlike conventional renting, with our rent to own program, you are investing in your new home right from the start.

How much will it cost to rent to own a home near me?

This depends on certain factors:

  1. Current Mortgage Rate
  2. Rental Market
  3. Location


How can I find a home to rent-to-own near me?

After learning about your situation, we will connect you to the best-licensed realtors to find a house that fits your budget and your lifestyle.

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