4 Reasons to Buy Rent to Own Homes in Ontario

rent to own home Ontario

If your dream home looks farfetched, you must dig deeper and look for more options. Just getting a traditional loan and buying a home is not the only option today. You could look for rent to own homes in Ontario as it is a practical option for people with a lower credit score. Rent to own home is when you are paying monthly instalments to your homeowner and living as a tenant until you pay off the amount completely. This is a great option for everyone who is spending loads of money in the rent and are not eligible for a home loan. It is a wise investment for anyone who has found their perfect home as a tenant and wants to make it as their forever home. This option has many benefits, and you must consider it if you are looking to buy your own home.

Your Credit Score Doesn’t Matter

If you have a very low credit score, unpaid bills, many other ongoing loans, you must go for rent to own homes in Ontario. Otherwise, getting a loan from a bank with a low credit score is impossible, and you would never to be able to get a home for yourself. Your homeowner doesn’t care about your credit score until and unless you are paying the monthly rent as instalments. If your application has been getting rejected by the banks and there is no hope of getting any home loan, you must go for the rent to own homes option.

You Don’t Need to Pay the Property Tax

Even if it is your home very soon, you are not liable to pay the property tax just yet. Since technically you are just a tenant, the homeowner has to take responsibility for paying the tax. Even if you are paying the monthly instalments to buy the home, you are exempted from the tax. This will help you save money, and you can use it to pay your unpaid bills and improve your credit score. This is an advantage for you as you are renting the house and paying money to buy it off but are not responsible for the tax payment yet.

You Can Make Changes to the House

If you are a tenant who is paying instalments to but the house off, you can still make changes to the house. For example, if you don’t like the colors of the wall, you can change it and pay for the extra costs. Since it will be your home in the future, you can start making changes from now and turn it into your dream house. Whether you want to change the paint, add some extra lights, change the entrance etc., you can do it as t your own cost. The money that you will save with the property tax can be used to renovate the house and turn it into your own. There’s no limit to the changes as far as you don’t damage the property.