Rent to Own

Your Future Home Starts Today

Our Rent to Own Program is a very viable option for those that can’t get a mortgage today but are willing to work towards getting approved in the near future.
RTO Canada New Homeowners

You are only 3 Steps Away from Owning a Home

Homeownership is Easier than You Think

Step 1 - Apply Online

Regardless of your credit situation, we will get you approved for a rent-to-own home. We work with the best licensed realtors to help you find a house.

Step 2 - Rent

Rent is just a term. In our program, you are considered the owner the day you move in. Your monthly payment will help build up your down payment, while boosting your credit score.

Step 3 - Own Your Home

Once you have enough down payment built up as well as good credit from consistent monthly rent payments, you can qualify to take over the home as a legal owner.

Owning a Home shouldn't be Difficult

You Can Own a Home without Conventional Financing

Our unique Rent-to-Own Program, allows you to purchase a home today without having to meet the typical qualifications required by conventional lending institutions! Our program is specifically designed to assist Canadians experiencing difficulty in obtaining conventional financing.

With our program, you are considered the owner the day you move in; there are no more landlords telling you what you can and cannot do. You have the right to renovate and improve your property just as any other owner.

Rent to Own Canada New Homeowners

Is life challenges holding you back from owning a home?

Regardless of Your Situation, We Can Help Put You in a Home Today

We know life sometimes throw you a bunch of curve balls. It could be a divorce, bankruptcy, consumer proposal, loss of job, work place injury, being new to the country, self-employed or bad/no credit. These challenges shouldn’t hold you back from owning a home with our Rent to Own Program.

RTO Canada will provide you with an opportunity to get into a home so that you can fix your credit by making consistent, monthly payments.

New Canadians face the challenges of not having an established credit history. Our RTO program will help solve that by giving you time to build your score while living in a home you will soon be able to call your own.

Problems with declaring income? No problem with RTO Canada. We will get you in a home so you will have the time to build some equity.

RTO Canada will help you get back on your feet with our Rent-to-Own program. Time doesn't just heal all wounds; it can also help fix your credit issues and build a down payment.

Conventional methods will deny you for a mortgage if you have a low income. At RTOC, we will get you approved for a home that will eventually be yours to own.

Not having enough for a down payment shouldn't stop you from becoming a homeowner. At RTO Canada, will be able to get you into a house while you build your down payment.

What Client says about Us


Our goal is to get our clients get into a home as soon as possible, regardless of their credit score and to give them the chance to be a homeowner in the near future.