Take 5 Minutes to Find Out What Mortgage Stage You Are At

Mortgage Qualification Process

Breaking Down the Mortgage Qualification Process

We took the time to break down the Mortgage Qualification Process into 5 Stages. Stage 1 being the starting point of your journey and stage 5 being you are qualified to purchase a home.

We are in the job of helping clients create a game plan. No successful athlete obtained success without a plan of action. That’s why we are here to make sure that you know the plan, and its up to you to follow it:


The 5 Stages of Mortgage Qualification

Stage 1

Credit Repair

  • Clients who do not have any Down Payment
  • Clients who have no Tradelines or new credit
  • Clients who have not obtained a Car Loan
  • Clients whose credit is suffering
  • Client who is in Repossession
  • Clients who are in Bankruptcy or Consumer Proposal

How we help these clients:

  • We provide services that help these clients start with small amounts of credit, and build up their financial history in order to obtain low rate financing in the future.

Stage 2

Basic Small Tradelines

  • Clients who do not have any Tradelines
  • Clients who require Personal Loans (revolving Tradelines)
  • Clients who do not have any Down Payment

Stage 3

Large Financial Tradelines

  •  Client who do not have any Installment Tradelines (Car Loan)

How we help these clients:

  • We partnered up with an auto financial company in Canada in order to help these clients get approved for a car loan, regardless of their credit situation.

Stage 4

Rent-to-Own Ready

  • Client who do not have 2-5% Down Payment
  • Client who have Clean Credit (average or above)
  • Client who are not under a Rental Contract

Stage 5

Mortgage Ready

  • Client who have 5-10% Down Payment
  • Client who have Great Credit
  • Client who are Pre-approved for Mortgage and transferred to purchase a property.